Mama Nyaguthii

Papa Shirandula is one of the most-watched programs locally. Aired every Thursday night on Citizen Tv, the program has many talented actors, from the funny Jacky Vike popularly known as Awinja to Wilbroda, Kawira, Naliaka and Mama Nyaguthii. The actors in this program have become great and influential role models to many.

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Everyone has a favourite character on the show. Apart from Wilbroda, Awinja and Papa Shirandula, many view Mama Nyaguthii as one of the interesting characters of note. She is the no-nonsense landlord who always walks with an exaggerated limp and has a strong Kikuyu accent (though she is not). Her real name is Mary Adhiambo Airo.

Mama Nyaguthii

Mama Nyaguthii the character is far from the actress who plays her. They are worlds apart. Mary Adhiambo is a beautiful amazing woman. Humble and down to earth. Just like her counterparts Wilbroda and Awinja, Mama Nyaguthii also lives large. She is living proof that indeed hard work pays.

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Ladies and gentlemen, here are the beautiful photos of Mama Nyaguthii that has left many mesmerized by her gorgeous looks.

Check them out…

Mama Nyaguthii celebrated her birthday a day ago. Happy belated birthday!