Vera in Maldives
Vera in Maldives

Botched surgery is what has shocked Kenya this week.

June Wanza went for additional breast and things went south. She died after being admitted to the hospital because her intestines were cut open which led to all the waste seeping out and spreading inside the stomach.

That caused an infection called sepsis. Doctors battled to save her life on Friday but she died from the infection.

June Wanza Mulupi

Well even with such a case, there are various celebrities we knew have gone under the knife all in the name of looking and feeling better.

Some are botched while others have been successful. Here are some Kenyan celebrities who have gone under the knife all for an extra bum, firm boobs and a smaller stomach.

  1. Huddah Monroe

Huddah Monroe

In 2016, Huddah revealed that she had breast implants but claimed she merely transplanted fat from her behinds. During her short stint at the Big Brother Africa, the socialite confessed that she hated her breasts which were tiny at the time.

2. Vera Sidika

Vera Sidika
Vera Sidika

Vera Sidika has so far undergone two surgeries in the US to improve her appearance. The socialite is set to undergo a third cosmetic surgery.

Vera went under the knife to bleach her entire body in an operation that reportedly cost her 50 million.  The socialite also got breast implants after bleaching her skin.

3. Akothee


In as much as it is not documented, we all know the mother of 5 has done something to her breast. They are supposed to be sagging but they are straight up looking like she just turned 15.

4. Anerlisa Muigai 


She has denied it a couple of times but medically and realistically, it seems as if she went under the knife. We saw Anerlisa big and the next thing we know she has lost all the weight, 80kgs down. Rumors are that she had liposuction and a tummy tuck.

5. Big Ted

One of the most honest people I know. Big Ted said he is a big boy, six-foot, four and was 256kgs. After meeting up with his a doctor, he decided to undergo a procedure which has helped him loseexcess weight.

Out of all the celebrities, Huddah confessed that she almost died and Anerlisa suffered pancreatitis. Those are by far the only cases we have heard in Kenyan before June Wanza’s story hit the headlines.

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