Its not every other day that we see celebrities flaunting their mothers on social media. Something worth noting is how young their parents look.

This is despite the fact that a majority are in the ’50s, ’60s and even ’70s.

Below is a list of prominent celebs and their mums.

1. Rashid Abdallah

The media personality and husband to Citizen TV’s Lulu Hassan rarely flaunts his mother on social media but he recently did and she is beautiful.

Rashid Abdallah and his mum
Rashid Abdallah and his mum

2. Wahu

Wahu introduced her mum to her fans and we now understand what they mean when they say ‘The apple does not fall far from the tree’.

Wahu with her mum and sister
Wahu with her mum and sister

3. Caroline Mutoko

She took the chance to introduce her mother and we are impressed at how gracefully she is ageing.

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4. Evelyn Wanjiru

The gospel artiste describes her mum as

‘My mentor, role model, my beautiful mama👑 you’ve stood against all odds….I celebrate you my #Hero
M…agnificent O…utstanding T...ender H…onorable E…xtraodinary R…emarkable

Evelyn Wanjiru
Evelyn Wanjiru

5. Kate Actress

The mother of one is a replica of her mother. We can all see where Kate’s genes clearly came from. She got it from her mama.

Cate Actress and her mum
Cate Actress and her mum

6. Marya Prude

Wife to Willis Raburu was not left behind and we are impressed at how young her mother looks.

Marya Prude
Marya Prude

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Musician Nameless’ mum recently celebrated her 77th birthday but going by her looks one would mistake her for a 60-year-old.

Nameless’ mum and his dad during her 77th birthday

8.Timeless Noel

Timeless Noel is best known for his role as a hype master with Citizen TV and a gospel artiste.9. Daddy Owen

Gospel artiste Daddy Owen is never shy to flaunt his mum, after all, she is all he has after losing his dad a few years ago. Looking at this photo it is easy to see where Daddy Owen got his stunning smile from.

Daddy Owen and his mum