The Kenyan Showbiz industry is something to write home about. It has experienced a rapid growth and transformed in the last 10 years. Unlike the past where it was meant for boring old folks, young talented, creative and beautiful men and women have taken over the Kenyan Showbiz industry.

Kumbe Wanaeza Ng’ara Ivi! Here Are The Best Dressed Kenyan Celebrities At The Pulse Awards

Women are currently dominating the once upon a time male-dominated field. They are giving their counterparts a run for their money. These women are not only known for their prowess in different fields but also for their love of fashion. They are role models when it comes to the fashion world just like their counterparts across the globe. They try to dress well or else, they will be left embarrassed and humiliated incase of fashion gone wrong case.

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Well, although not everyone looks great in whatever they wear, their are those who look absolutely gorgeous. Whether they wear designer clothes, mitumba or rock local stuff like Maasai beads, they always turn heads. From KTN’s Betty Kyallo to Citizen TV’s Janet Mbugua, here are Kenyan women who look stunning in Maasai beads.

  1. Betty Kyallo

KTN’s presenter and mother of 1.

Betty Kyallo

2. Sharon Mundia (This Is Ess)

Popular fashion blogger who recently walked down the aisle

3. Njambi Koikai

Reggae fan and promoter

4. Sivia Njoki

Fashion blogger

5. Margaret Kenyatta

First lady of the Republic of Kenya and the bright mind behind the Beyond Zero Campaign

6. Janet Mbugua

Citizen TV’s senior anchor and mother of one.

Janet Mbugua2