King Kaka

There is nothing as impeccable as a mother’s love and living without a mother to guide you and show you, love, can be the hardest this in this world.

Even hardcore criminals, kidnappers, offenders and even terrorists have mothers who will still stand by their side when they get into trouble and defend them, which goes to show that a mother’s love goes all the way.

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Well, one of our very big rappers in the country, King Kaka is one man who appreciates having an amazing woman to call a mother.

Kaka is one of Kenya’s top Hip-Hop artists whose songs have been on top of the charts and are undoubtedly massive hits in the industry. Some of his hit- songs include; Promised Land, Baadaye, Leta, Ligi Soo, Adisia and many more.


Despite having hard lyrics, the rapper is a mama’s boy and he is not shy to admit that, as he took to his social media to show off his adoring mother.

He took her out for dinner and posted a photo with this simple caption:

Outdoor Dinner with This Amazing Mom.

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So now we get to see the woman who has shaped Rabbit into the successful man he is now.

Check out her photo below. Isn’t she beautiful?

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