So Adelle has a podcast called Legally Clueless and on it, she invites her friends and fellow celebrities where they discuss some rather personal things about themselves. She recently sat down with Lynda Nyangweso and the pair discussed body image and weight.

The topic is a difficult one for many women of size to discuss because the world is cruel about their weight and even goes as far as to prescribe beauty standards that some women cannot naturally fulfil. Lynda spoke in a rather candid manner and said the following,

“The truth is I feel like every woman is insecure right? I have always had body insecurity issues because I just don’t look like the other girls who I am told are supposed to be the beautiful ones, it’s hard to be a plus sized girl. I went to an artsy school where everyone was limber, skinny and blonde and then I joined an industry where beauty is more marketable than anything. It has been an ongoing insecurity. I used to hate taking pictures because it was evident that I was very different. I was not only super short, but I was also super fat and so you kind of standout standing next to these tall Amazonian girls around you,” Linda confessed.

“I had to stop that because I like who I am, I deserve to take up space. I constantly feel like I have to apologize for existing because I didn’t look like what you think I should look like. I stopped feeling that way when I realized that if I’m constantly apologizing for existing I am not actually living.”

She had to learn an important lesson, to make herself her mental focal point and gain an internal locus. And once she did this, her problems eased away:

“I eat and I don’t feel shame about it, I used to feel a lot of shame about eating especially in public because I always felt that when people see me eat they think I am constantly eating. I stopped eating in public, I never ate is school because I was afraid people assumed that is all I am doing anyway. These days I am shameless about that. I can say I am hungry and I don’t feel like that makes me look fatter,”