Diva The Bause is a Tanzanian radio presenter. Early this year, she revealed that she had been dating Ali Kiba for years.

According to her, she broke up with the singer in February this year, proof that they were dating when the singer was still in married to his Kenyan wife Amina Khalef.

Recently, a Tanzanian singer Shilole revealed on social media that she had been in an abusive marriage and shared photos of how her husband Uchebe, had been beating her.

Diva took to social media to say that that was the reason she fears getting married.

“nimejisikia vibaya sana…ndio maana naogopa mambo ya ndoa aisee, cku izi ata relationship naogopa …. yan usaliti, uongo, uongo uongo tena afu uongo tena …. so many things kinda scary … if you love someone unamfanyiaje hivi … @officialshilole wangu ….Pole mama”

(I have felt really bad, thats why I fear marriafe. Nowdays, I also fear realationships cause of betrayal, lies after lies. So many things are scary and if you love someone, you dont do this to them)

‘Ali Kiba was dating me while married to Amina,’ says ex girlfriend Diva The Bause

Diva The Bause