Steve Mbogo

Steve Mbogo has been making headlines for all the wrong reasons lately. After an explosive Mpasho News Exclusive exposed him as a fraud, the various corporations he claimed to have been linked to came out to refute the claims. Fly 540 is planning to sue him for masquerading as part of the board. On the other hand, Faulu Bank released an official statement to media houses stating that he has never served as a board chairman.

The latest blow is from his landlord. Mbogo had claimed that he owns a Sh. 500 million home in Karen, but the political family which own it has come out crying foul.

BURE KABISA! Fast Rising Kenyan Politician Hon. Steve Mbogo Exposed For The Fraud He Is (EVIDENCE)

“Steve Mbogo doesn’t own that house, nor has he bought it, he is a tenant. The sad thing about all this is that the person entrusted with the property is at pains to explain to the family how he can sell the property without their permission. Yet that is not the case. He is a tenant who pays Sh450,000 a month,” a source close to the family told Word Is.

The house was recently featured in Nonini’s music video featuring Dj Pierra Makena. The video has only managed to get 38,000 views, having been released in October.

“The owners are wondering, if the custodian of the property did indeed sell the palatial residence, then where is the money from the sale?” the source asked.

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