Hannah Inyama

Detectives investigating the death of Hannah Kahungani Inyama’s 13-year-old son, Emmanuel Solomon Inyama, are puzzled.

“My officers tried knocking but nobody opened the door,” he said. After five minutes, they broke in. The woman by that time was hiding in the kitchen. It is like she heard us breaking in and rushed to hide.”

When they were called to South B at the Kifaru Front Apartments, they found Hannah in the house saying, her son will resurrect.

This is the South B house where UON lecturer stayed with her dead son

Hannah InyamaA neighbour Selline said Khahugani has been inviting people from her church to the house.

“We normally heard people singing and praising God from our window. But we did not know what was happening,” she said.

According to police, Hannah still maintains that the boy was not dead but under demonic attack.

The caretaker said, “Tulipofungua tukapata mwili wa mtoto kwa sitting room na mama ameketi kwa floor kwa kitchen akisema oh my god. (When the door was opened, we found the decomposing body of the child on the floor in the sitting room and the mother was  sitting on the floor in the kitchen floor chanting, “Oh my God!”

How I discovered the decomposing body of UON lecturer’s dead son.

The lecturer admitted that she could smell the foul stench in the house from her decomposing son but was “fighting a spiritual war”.

The caretaker Stephen Mwangi said that he discovered the body when he peeped through the window after Hannah has refused to pick his calls.

“I knocked the door but nobody opened. I decided to call and I could hear the phone ringing but no one answered it. I then decided to peep through the window which was not locked and I saw the body wrapped in a brown blanket with yellow stripes,” he said.

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hannah-khahugani inyama
Hannah Khahugani Inyama

Hannah told detectives that her son “stopped breathing” on Saturday at 8.30 am.

Nairobi police commander Philip Ndolo yesterday said investigations had been launched to establish the cause of the mysterious death.

Detectives from the Makadara Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI)  said Hannah would be subjected to a mental check-up today after her statement and explanation were found to be incoherent.

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