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Singer Wahu Kagwi has encouraged victims of sexual molestation out there who’ve been suffering in silence to speak up.

The Still a Liar hit singer shared her story, narrating how she was sexually molested by her cousin, inviting women to share their stories.

‘this wasn’t easy for me.. but I needed to share. incase you’ve been a victim of sexual molestation I want you to know… you are not alone. don’t suffer in silence. please speak out. and parents I beg us…. let’s be very mindful of whom we entrust with our children…’ she posted.

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‘I was sexually molested by my cousin,’ Wahu Kagwi moves many to tears


Many applauded her for being brave and sharing her story. Below are some of the messages on her post.

salomewinnie I’m one of the victims who suffered in the hands of two men my step mum’s bro and shamba boy. But I told no one. I kept that to myself up to date only God knows it coz no one could believe me ningenyongwa ata weeeeh by then I was just that age 8 to 9 years.

paulynn_wambui It happened to me 3yrs ago by two policemen from Pangani at gunpoint life has never been as I knew it but to everyone who has gone through such injustice for lack of a better word sending you love and light you are not alone ❤️

i.am.megy ❤❤❤❤hugs***this made me cry like for real!!!God protect our children 🙏

beckyaseere You are right most girls suffer quietly.,..that’s the worst experience in a young girls life

wahumaina 🖤🖤 Thanks for sharing. Sending you lots of love & light.

kambuamuziki Sending love mama💛💛💛 thank you for sharing this.

wanjeri_waim Yes 90% of this cases are relatives then friends people very close to the family and its so sad…both to girls and boys and its so common only we don’t talk about it. Also parents should be very close to their kids so they can speak up. I found a book for small girls I have been sharing with my friends an E-book about owning your body I should upload it for people to share.

thairu.esther Thank you for sharing your story,it takes a lot of energy and bravery to tell such a deep story, you such an amazing and strong lady and I admire your strength ❤️

jowisvalarie Am sorry that happened to you.😢

dame_kujiamini Hugs mama❤️ these things called cousins some are from hell I can relate

licous_the_diva I wish I could just open up one day and tell my story…at the age 5 I was literally my uncle’s sex toy …I opened up I guess that was the biggest mistake of my young life..still hurts till now but what to do..mine is a whole novel.

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anishaopps Thank you for sharing. You are so strong mama. An inspiration to girls. May God continue to bless you…

3066.monica You are a strong woman ,my role model …Take heart dear.God chose you to represent .much respect for you mamaa.

kabue.k Pole Wahu ,I know how it feels, I too have a similar story , I keep praying to God anibadilishe upya so that I can be able to date 😭😭

ladybird_shop.ke Woiye kamami, almost every lady I know has a sexual harassment/ assault story involving a male relative(inclusive of biological fathers)..alafu most mothers will either not believe the child or just hush up the whole ordeal😔..homes aren’t so safe😔…

esther_77w Pole sana …you are absolutely right..we have to try so hard to protect our girls🙏

newpuppytex Sexual violation and especially during childhood messes you really up. It is a Trauma that is with you everyday. It has messed up my life for real. Please parent, take very good care of your children, listen to them and if you ever notice mtoto wako hataki umhug ama umuguze ama anakua uncomfortable, know that is one of the early signs of sexual abuse. Also,teaching kids about body boundaries can help alot. Just tell your kids that their body belongs to them alone and nobody should touch or play with their privates. ‘Dont touch my privates’

amina_jibril007 Woiyee …wish to share mine… my uncle.. I was just 10 years. N he did it repeatedly

newpuppytex I too was Sexually Molested by my cousin. I was around 7yrs by then and he must have been 14yrs or so. During my whole childhood It didn’t bother me but come age 33 I started having flashbacks

victoria.waiguru So sorry! Be weary of everyone even nannies, they do sexually molest children of both genders. I know first-hand.

kikiangie9 So emotional 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢 sorry dear it hurts a lot

blessedkesh011 Relatives are not to be trusted 😢 Thank you for sharing 🔥❤️ Lots of love ❤️

mrskagwanja Did he get arrested? Is he dead or walking around like nothing happened? 9yrs old?? This is one guy I would love to Shove My Fist👊 so deep his Ass that he wont shit anymore! Pole sana!

christinemogaki ❤️ Aweee…pole Wahu….yes such wounds are deep…thanks for sharing…. praying for you, that God will heal you from that pain…

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