Some people can be so evil!!! Imagine a man who takes advantage of his daughter’s mental illness to sleep with her, to rape her and even getting her pregnant? This has been the unfortunate case on six mentally challenged women from one family in Kabete, Kiambu county.

The six have just been rescued from men – including their father, who’ve been taking advantage of their situation to sexually abuse them.

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The women, four sisters aged between 15 and 30 and two girls aged 10 and 11 years – born of one of the four sisters- were rescued from Kiangari village by anti-gender based violence activists on Thursday.

David Gachuruba, a community policing officer in the area, said the girls – whose mother is also mentally challenged – have been suffering despite the silent watch of neighbours.

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“One of the girls is pregnant as a result of the rape by her father, none of them can coherently explain what has been taking place but we thought it wise to move the family out of the area,” he said.