Donald Lock

A pensioner was stabbed 39 times by another driver after a minor road accident, a court has heard.

Donald Lock’s Ford bumped into the back of Matthew Daley’s Toyota on the A24 at Findon, West Sussex in July last year as he drove back from a cycling meeting.

Daley then repeatedly stabbed 79-year-old Mr Lock in head, back, neck and chest, severing his aorta, a jury at Lewes Crown Court heard.

One witness said Daley, who is being held in a medium-secure unit, looked ‘expressionless’ during the attack, like he was ‘having a passport photo taken’.

Following the knifing, Daley then drove off and abandoned his Ford Fusion at a nearby stables, the court was told.

Prosecutor Philip Bennetts QC said: ‘On July 16 of last year, this defendant, Matthew Daley, killed Donald Lock.

Matthew Daley braked violently approaching the junction of the A24 in Findon, West Sussex. Donald Lock, who was immediately behind him, collided with his car.

‘Donald Lock got out of his car and went to speak to Matthew Daley. Matthew Daley got out of his car as Donald Lock approached.’

Mr Lock first asked Daley why he had stopped so suddenly before Daley stabbed him repeatedly, telling the pensioner to ‘Die, you f***ing c***’, jurors heard.

Daley reportedly got out of his car before ‘flailing punches’ at Mr Lock. One witness said it was a ‘ferocious’ attack, adding: ‘Every second it looked like he stabbed him twice.’

After driving off, Daley hid his car, boots and a pair of underpants in separate locations before contacting a mechanic in an attempt to have his number plate changed.

He was found by police on July 17 sitting on the grass at a nearby golf course. A knife was found in the bottom of his bag.