Ida Odinga and Yvonne Khamato

2018 is a good year for Yvonne Khamati.

She got engaged to the love of he life, a wealth 47-year-old Oxford University trained Naija barrister called Laiwola.

“I said yes! I did. I said it, yes! I cried. For the first time ever, I cried tears of joy,” Ambassador Yvonne Khamati, 35, wrote on her Instagram accompanied by photos of the low key and intimate proposal.

Yvonne Khamati

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The couple met at a Lebanese restaurant in Nairobi were Yvonne was on a dinner date with her friends, when another friend called them to join their table.

This will be the second marriage for the feisty politician turned diplomat. Her first marriage was a den of abuse, heartbreak and pain.

“He was a violent man and I thank Ida Odinga and Education CS Amina Mohamed who got me out of that relationship,” Yvonne told Nairbian.

Her marriage was later annulled in court.

The mother of one beautiful daughter Zallka Khamati added, “The first time he hit me was at our home in Muthaiga and I called Ida at 3am. She is the one who helped me to get out.”

“The second time was at a hotel in Yatta. I called Francis Kimemia who dispatched diplomatic police to get me out of the situation. My daughter was only four months old at the time. I vowed never to go back and that was the end of the relationship. I realised I was not the victim but he was…a victim of his anger and bitterness.”

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Amina MohamedYvonne also revealed that she poured her heart out to the now, Cabinet Secretary for Education Amina Mohamed.

“Amina has always supported me, she kept talking to me and encouraging that I cannot be alone forever and when she met Laiwola she said, When he proposes, say yes!’ She has always been there for me. She is supportive. She challenges me. She is my big-gest inspiration,” says Yvonne. 

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