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The fascinating story of Esther Arunga will never cease to draw us in.

The latest update on the former TV anchor emanates from court documents.

Esther’s hubby, Quincy Timberlake made some rather shocking and out of this world allegations about his life in Kenya.

These shocking revelations were made by witnesses at the Brisbane Magistrate court in an ongoing hearing against Quincy over the death of his son.

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Quincy Timberlake is being investigated in connection to the mysterious death of his son.

Apparently, Esther’s husband told Australian immigration officials back in 2014 that he used to live in a cave in Kenya with his wife and now-deceased son Sinclair.

Quincy Timberlake told the officials that they “used to give the minor paracetamol tablets so that his cries would not alert authorities or wild animals.”

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Quincy did not stop there speaking to a child protection worker Katherine Pivetta that his son had been a torture victim in Kenya which left him unable to reach certain development milestones.

In the court, an excerpt video was also played showing Quincy being interviewed by the Pine Rivers Child Protection and Investigation Unit where he is seen holding his arms up in the air, praying and asking for his son to be returned.

According to Australian police officers, Quincy also attempted to dispose of some chilli flakes in the bathroom.

An earlier police witness had told the court that a chilli flake was found behind the minor’s eye during the initial autopsy.

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