The singer has been unhappy with his wife

Bahati and Diana Marua are excited about her pregnancy. Soon, they will welcome their bundle of joy.

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Their pregnancy was revealed by fans who noticed Diana’s bulging midsection.

However, the full story of the pregnancy reveal is told in full colour in Bahati’s revamped reality show that debuted on Saturday.

In the show, Bahati visited Bonfire Adventures to consult on where to travel for a mini vacay.

They were welcomed by Sarah Kabu, the director of the travel agency, who gave them mouth-watering deals.

Bahati said;

Ever since we welcomed Heaven, we haven’t traveled outside apart from going to Cape town, South Africa. This time round we want to go international.

They then settled for Dubai. The singer said,

This time we’re going to Dubai and it’s actually one of Diana’s dream destinations.


The last time I went to Dubai was when I went to perform. I didn’t move around alot. I didn’t experience the destination at all. So, me going to Bonfire offices is because I needed advice because hii nywele imeleta shida nafaa kumrudisha huko {I need to take Diana there to placate her}.

The D-Day arrived and the couple jetted off to Dubai where they were chauffeured to their hotel.

Diana was mesmerized at the concierge services they received.

She said,

Touch down Dubai.. Oh my goodness! what I’ve seen is just out of this world. First of all ile gari imetukujia [GMC]… and I’m like ooh in babe you really went out of your way. 

They documented their journey from JKIA to every place and anything they did while in the Gulf country.

Walitusumbua sana social media.

After the fist night, they went for a yacht cruise, where they had breakfast, dressed in all white.

While on the yacht, Bahati confirmed that his wife was expecting their second child. He said sweet words to her as she blushed.

Happy mother’s day [he said as he caressed her baby bump]. That’s why I brought you here.

Marua, who was super jovial, thanked the father of her children for being romantic. All she could master to say was,

Thank you baby. I appreciate this.

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The controversial gospel artiste asked her how she was feeling now that she’s expecting a second child.

Diana explained,

I’m so excited to be a mother for the second time.

She continued;

I feel my heart is pumping so fast because I didn’t believe at some point I’d be here doing this with someone who’s very close to me in my heart.

As they cruised along the ocean, the heavily pregnant mother said,

Babe, the view is amazing. I like everything about Dubai.

Her husband told her to enjoy because it’s her day and she went ahead to tell him,

I wanna tell you something as well…Thank you for making me a mother. That’s the most beautiful title a woman can ever have. Being called a mother and not just a mother. Right now I’m carrying baby number two and but I am a mom of three and you’ve made me earn that title.

I really appreciate you so much. Thank you for being a loving daddy and husband.

Clearly Lovestruck, Bahati also thanked his wife for being supportive.

Thanks for believing in me and always supporting what I do. I appreciate that and one thing I’ve always said is, I know it’s not easy for any woman. May God protect you, bless you, may his light shine upon you in Jesus name.

His wife was giddy with joy. She responded with a coy,

You know what I want? I just want the babies to grow up so that we can explore the world with them.

The singer asked her which gender she preferred

…a boy or girl.

She responded;

No, not now. I want it to be a surprise.

Diana went ahead to rain praises on her partner for taking her to Dubai.

She said,

This is amazing. I’ve never been on a yacht cruise before. Babe sijafanya vitu mingi until I met you.

The couple, lounged on the yacht as they enjoyed a glass of juice. But before they could take a sip, they toasted.

“A toast to exploring the world together with our family,’ Diana said.

Bahati quickly added;

And having more babies.

Diana echoed his sentiments and she continued;

…and having more babies..Amen.

Clearly, the couple is ready to multiply and fill the world just like God commanded man to do in Genesis 1:28.

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