Jowie Irungu

Murder suspect Joseph Irungu alias Jowie is a married man.

Jowie was initially dating and even engaged media personality Jacque Maribe but separated while he was still behind bars.

Jowie was incarcerated for one and half years at Kamiti Maximum Prison.

Jacque and Jowie are facing murder charges over the killing of business lady Monica Kimani.

The two no longer talk according to Jowie in an in interview with Jalang’o.

“I decided not to (keep in touch) as in ile tuu we broke up while i was still inside, we talked and let this go.”


What a father! Jowie introduces his adorable daughter to the word for the first time (Photos)

In the interview on Jalang’o TV, Jowie introduced himself to the public as a married man and raising a daughter. have done their investigations that has led us to learn that his wife is called Eleanor Musangi Ndambo.

She is also his manager and has a kid who was featured in his new music video ‘Nishikilie.

“That beautiful girl, that is mine. She is my daughter,’ he told Jalang’o.”

Elena is a model and at one point and was signed to SuraZuri Modelling and casting agency.

In one photo Jowie referred to her as her “baby mama”.

Her social media she describes herself as “fashioned to fit in the plans of God” and “a proud mom”.

Check out her photos;

‘Jacque Maribe and I don’t talk, we broke up while in prison,’ Jowie