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Bahati became a Kenyan sensation back in 2013 when he released the beautiful song, “Mama”. The song propelled him into the ether, making him an overnight celebrity.

The hopes of many gospel enthusiasts rested on the lad, with many seeing him and Willy Paul as a combo that could take the genre to the masses.

Willy Paul and Bahati
Willy Paul and Bahati in a past photo

Bahati has kept himself relevant musically (albeit with songs that have not reached the “mama” level) and also business-wise, staring a show and a studio.

Bahati with his wife Diana

And this is the area we will focus on today. Bahati has had a horrific year so far as relates to PR and we can’t help but ask? Is it that he is unlucky, misunderstood or just has bad business practices?

For one to get a clearer picture, one must look back at some of the accusations that have been thrown at him. In chronological order:

Benson Thuranira vs Bahati

Benson Thuranira accused the singer of conning him out of Sh200,000 back in 2017 to start a business. He alleged the two were to get premises to operate a business, but that never was. Thuranira reported the issue to the police and it was filed under OB number 16/27/10/2017. Bahati has not responded to numerous calls, texts and WhatsApp messages to give his side of the story.

Bahati-and-Thuranira in a file photo
Bahati-and-Thuranira in a file photo

Up until February 2018, complaining about being frustrated.

Bahati vs video dancers

Late last year, Bahati was accused of not paying some video dancers that were featured in his song ‘Kumbe kumbe’. One of the video vixens spoke to Word Is, saying:

We were told to be around Syokimau at 7am, and we did our rehearsals and they came at around 12pm, and they at least gave us food. But the bad thing is they started to discriminate us by the way we dressed.

Bahati, again, did not answer the many calls and messages he was sent concerning the allegations.


Mr Seed Vs Bahati

Mr Seed announced early this month that he was leaving EMB records. The reason we later learnt was that his wife had been treated poorly at a December 31 show.

Mr. Seed and Nimo
Mr. Seed and Nimo

He told Kiss presenters Shaffie and Adelle:

We have never fought over money… I left because my woman was disrespected. we were in a show in which the devil came in. there was an altercation and police came for my family.

Mr Seed with Bahati
Mr Seed with the EMB records owner

While this cannot be blamed entirely on the “Wangu” singer, one must ask, why would you allow the police to chase away the wife of one of your biggest artistes?

Mr. Seed
Mr Seed

Bahati vs his brother-cum-manager Kioko

Bahati’s brother and manager Kioko left EMB last week, shocking many. One must wonder, how does Bahati treat the people he associates with or are the many examples, mere coincidence?

Kioko with Bahati
Kioko with Bahati

We tried contacting Bahati yet again for comment but were unsuccessful. We also contacted his wife Diana Marua as she is the EMB business head, but were also unsuccessful.

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