Lawyer Willie Kimani would still be alive if Sylvia Wanjiku had raised an alarm-Court told


Lawyer Willie Kimani and two other victims would still be alive if Sylvia Wanjiku had raised an alarm of their abduction, the court heard.

Kimani was brutally killed alongside his client Josephat Mwenda and driver Joseph Muiruri after being abducted as they left the Mavoko Law Courts on June 23, 2016.

Four AP officers Fredrick Leliman, Stephen Cheburet, Sylvia Wanjiku, and Leonard Mwangi, and police informer Peter Ngugi were arrested and charged with the murder of the trio.

Investigating Officer Nicholas Olesena told the court this morning that Wanjiku should have reported when the three were bought into the cells.

Olesena was being cross-examined by lawyer Katwa Kigen who is seeking to exonerate Wanjiku from the murder case.

Katwa wanted to know why Olesena decided to charge her when there is no motive linking her to the murders.

Olesena told Justice Jessie Lessit that they charged her because she was part of the conspiracy and was an accessory to the murder of the three.

"My Lady, Sylvia was on duty that day, had she reported that the victims were being in cells we would not be here today," he said.

He insisted that even though they did not find anything linking her to the deceased persons, she played a role by not reporting about them being held in cells without being booked.

"She was on duty when the victims were taken there, she knew they were there," Olesena said.

The court also heard that Wanjiku was the person in possession of the keys to the cells.

However, Olesena said in their investigations they did not find anything else linking her to the murder.

When asked if she was placed at the murder scene, he said they did not find any evidence putting her at the scene of murder in Soweto area.

He also confirmed to court that upon investigating Peter Ngugi's phone book and Facebook they didn't find any communication between them.

Ngugi is the police informer who gave the confession that led to the arrest of the other officers.

The case resumes hearing on Thursday next week.