Michael Njogo Gitonga alias Uhuru has been trending thanks to his physical features that have left many likening him to Kenya’s President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Some even claim he could be a lost heir of the Kenyattas.

In an interview with Inooro TVal media stations, Michael said he does not know whether he and President Uhuru are related.

  1. He lives in Umoja

Michael resides in Umoja hence he is known as ‘Uhuru wa Umoja’.

2. His mother was a police officer in Gatundu

Incase you did not know President Uhuru Kenyatta was born and raised in Gatundu and that is where Michael traces his heritage from.

His mother was a police officer in Gatundu.

3. He is a father of three, two boys and a girl

Like Uhuru Kenyatta, Michael is also a father of three, two sons and a daughter.

Speaking during an interview on Inooro TV, Michael said even his sons resemble the President.

President Uhuru Kenyatta is father to Jomo Kenyatta, Muhoho Kenyatta and Ngina Kenyatta.

‘My wife got pregnant claims it’s mine… yet I had a vasectomy,’ confesses city man

4.He ran a pub before Covid-19 hit the country,he is also a qualified mason

‘Even the DCI used to beg me when I had money,But right now I am bankrupt’ Michael joked

5. He has a kind heart and helping hand

According to Umoja residents, Michael has a helping hand and he would rather spend his last coins to help someone in need than watch them suffer.

6. So alike is he to the President that even police officers fear him

He was once arrested for being out past the allocated curfew time.

He was detained at Buruburu Police station and the next day when the other inmates were given work he was asked to supervise them.

When the other inmates were being released on bond he was just let go.

‘The police man looked at me so hard and told me ‘nafunga macho,nikifungua niskikupate hapa,’ Michael shared

8. He does not know his father and his mother is late

Unlike President Uhuru Kenyatta, Michael does not know who his father is. He was brought up by his mum who is now late.

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