Tanasha Donna

Tanasha Donna has come out guns blazing after photos and videos of her private party were posted online.

Tanasha noticed that a fan was filming her and has now come out to say that it was not a party but a simple celebration of her birthday.

Taking to her Insta-stories, Tanasha said that she knows who filmed her.

“Some univited fools decied to show up thinking its a party. I have never seen them in my life, pretend they wanna take pictures with me. They were trying to film me and sent the videos to bloggers. Like where is this wolrd going. The best part is that I know who took these photos acting all polite but she is there with her phone trying to be all paparazzi.”


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Even before the borders were opened, Tanasha Donna travelled to Mombasa and it seems she is either an essential service provider or probably has connections.