Ali Kiba
The star on a break

Ohhhhhhh snap.

Guys, things have hit the fan. Ali Kiba has come out and blasted Diamond Platnumz for saying stuff about him.

In an Instagram post, Ali Kiba has blasted Diamond telling him to stop acting like a grade 2 child.

” Usiniletee mambo ya darasa la pili unaniiibia penseli alafu unanisaidia kutafuta .(UNIKOME). (Don’t take me back to the childishness of kids in grade 2 where they would steal your pencil and help you look for it)”

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‘Mwanaume huwa anaongeaga mara moja tu sasa ukitaka nikuweke uchi watu wajue unayonifanyia hata kwenye hilo tamasha hatokuja mtu sasa tuishie hapo nakutakia tamasha njema @diamondplatnumz
#KingKiba. (A man only has to speak once and be heard. But if you want me to undress you in public and expose your ways and the nasty things you are doing to me even at that event you are planning. If i do, noone will come.”

Kiba seems to be sending a warning shot to Diamond over some percieved slight.

He has threatened to expose Diamond if he will not back off.

Let’s wait and see how that goes.

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