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Comedian Jalango came head to head with a die-hard Willy Paul fan who shool him on promoting Kenyan music.

The tiff started when Jalango angered Willy Paul’s stan by promoting Hamornize’s new song.

The funnyman had posted a video of himself singing along to Harmonize’s latest song ‘Never Give Up’. The video was captioned with a motivational quote.

In the clip, you can hear Harmonize being dissed by judges of popular Tanzanian talent search show for performing Malaika. His rendition was horrible, at best.

But look at him now.

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The presenter holding a glass

Jalango referenced that in his caption saying,

“Whatever anyone tells you should never put you down!! No one can decide your destiny!! Only God knows #nevergiveup @harmonize_tz just sung my story !! Rejected so many times but believed in myself!!”

However, the die-hard Willy Paul fan identified as Jackson did not see the motivation but saw the insult in the post.

He took it personally that an influential media personality is promoting Tanzanian songs instead of Kenyan.

“Acha Ufala, @jalangoo…Willy Pozee maze #PromoteKenyanMusic unachoma buda.. Pozee na @officialnandy wameua a few nights ago…umenibore, ..nenda chuchuma sasa mcheeeeeew!!  (Stop being stupid. Willy Pozee and Nandy killed it a few nights back at their performance, you are a wet blanket,” Jackson commented on the post.

Jalang’o did not accept that public burn gracefully. He retaliated in the most savage of ways.

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He responded to the gospel musician’s fan saying,

“@jacksonsimos hapo juu kwa bio yako kuna button ya unfollow! Ifinye!! Seitan!!”

Check out the exchange below.

Jalango willy Paul

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