Troubled controversial Kenyan blogger Cyprian Nyakundi turned down Caroline Mutoko’s Sh10,000 aye? Well, even though he refused to come pick it up, Caroline is not taking it back.

For the last few days, Caroline Mutoko and Cyprian Nyakundi have been involved in sort of like a fight on social media, after the blogger alleged that the former radio queen and Classic 105’s Maina Kageni have turned Kenyan women into pseudo whores, through extortionist women who solicit for money. (Read the story below)

Caroline Mutoko Responds To Blogger Cyprian Nyakundi’s Allegations In The Most Intelligent Way!

After Nyakundi’s article went up, Ms.Mutoko wrote him a cheque of Sh10,000 as a token for the publicity. He turned down the money, saying it’s too little. However, Caroline has promised that she will donate the money to a school in Nyakundi’s name.

Listen to the interview below courtesy of Kiss FM.

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