Jowie and Maribe's father
Jacque Maribe's dad looks at Jowie who is deep in thought

Joseph ‘Jowie’ Irungu will spend his Christmas and New Year’s holiday far away from his family in Manyani Maximum Prison in Voi.

Manyani Prison life is hard. Harder than Kamiti Prison. Manyani is located around 40 KM away from Voi town on the Tsavo West National Park and it was used as a detention centre during the pre and post-independence period to withhold political detainees and freedom fighters.

It served as a good strategic detention centre as any prisoner who tried to escape would be eaten by wild animals like lions also referred to as the Man-Eaters of Tsavo.

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Jowie was transferred from Kamiti Maximum Prison after an officer of the prisons revealed that he was caught with contraband.

The term contraband is a term used to describe illicit goods and generally refers to items imported or exported illegally.

Contra means “against” and bando means “ban,” so in simple terms, contraband means “against a ban.”

To prevent contraband from making its way inside prison walls, correctional facilities take security measures.

This may include background checks, x-ray scanners, and metal detectors for visitors. Some prisons also employ video visitations to closely monitor visits.

Corrections staff may also have to pass through metal detectors or have their belongings searched. To discover contraband already inside prisons, correctional employees conduct random cell searches.

Photos of the hard life Jowie will experience inside Manyani Prison

Joseph Irungu aka Jowi engages a friend at the Milimani law Court in Nairobi on November 28,2019.Photo/ENOS TECHE

If an inmate possesses contraband, or an outside party or guard smuggles in contraband, he or she can face criminal charges.

If a correctional facility catches visitors smuggling in contraband, they can ban the individual from future visits.

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