Prezdent Kingston

Brenda Jons aka Mama Prezdent Kingston alias Mama Njeri is a strong woman. The content  creator known for her comic skits has been through a lot in life.

The witty comedian was the guest on Upclose with Betty segment and her life journey has been a tough one.

Mama Prezdent Kingston, who was raised by her grandmother told Betty Kyallo that she has been sexually abused more than twice by people close to her.

I have been a rape victim before. The first time I was five when my uncle raped me and he would do it continually. He threatened to kill me incase I reported him,’ she narrated as Betty looked disturbed.

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Brenda Jons was again abused by her uncle, a well-known churchgoer and praise and worship leader.

wHEN i WAS 12, my aunt’s husband again raped me and this time it was violent because he stuffed socks in my mouth and he dared me to report him, saying nothing could be done,’ she said.


He did it once and told me that’s what he just wanted and told me that even if I reported no one could believe me. I’m surprised i’M in the church right now.

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Her mother, a single parent lives abroad and she’s her online manager. Brenda suffered in silence her entire life until two years ago when she opened up to her family.

I had consistent nightmares and that’s when I decided to share my story with a friend recently (after sharing with family),’ she said.

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The 22-year-old went ahead to narrate how her life changed after she was abused severally.

I used to hate men and when I was 18 years old, I got sexually assaulted by a pastor. He noticed me and told me you’re so talented and meant for the church.

Brenda narrated how the man of the cloth invited her for a private ‘counseling’ after a Bible study session while she was in first year in campus.

…before I knew it, it was midnight. He was telling me how gifted I am, God sending me to nations….and before I knew it, he was all over me,’ she said,

She continued,

I didn’t fight him. I was like aah, they’ve done this before, just do what you want. The following day he gave me Sh200 and told me make sure you don’t get pregnant. I don’t want you tarnishing my name.

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She explained how the bad experience strengthened her.

I’m thankful it happened because I’m able to help people who’ve gone through it,’ she said.


It made me do a lot of mistakes because it got to a point and was like these men have taken advantage of me and it’s my time to take advantage of them.

When I was in second year, I used to heartbreak people just for the sake of it…because I wanted to see a man feel that pain for it to fulfill my ego. It then got to a place God was clear to me ‘go back in church and stop what you’re doing.

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