Mama Dangote mama Diamond

Uncle Shamte, the lover to Diamond’s mother has distanced himself with the drama that is currently following the singer’s family.

Mama Dangote, Diamond’s mom came out to reveal that Mzee Abdul Juma is not Diamond’s birth father.

She went on to reveal that the singer’s real dad is one Nyange, who is deceased.

Well, Uncle Shamte, who is technically Diamond stepfather said he is not directly involved with that family’s drama

‘Yananihusu kwa umbali sana. Hao unaowasikia ndio yanawahusu zaidi. Mimi naplay kutoka pale nilipokuja, kuendelea mbele, ya nyuma nayaacha kama historia,’ he told Tanzanian media pundits

(It concerns me less. The people involved in the issue are the ones it concerns. I only play my part from when I knew them, the rest i treat it as history.)

Mama Dangote

He added that Mama Dangote is used to trending and being talked about, hence she has a thick skin.

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