There’s no place quite like high school. I’m quite sure everyone loved their experience in high school regardless of the location of the school.

Whether it was the prestigious Brookhouse, Kakamega High school or Nyakemincha, everyone has memories of their high school days. Well, today I thought of reminding you about high school memories. How many of us survived that ‘harsh’ environment with different people from different backgrounds?

Many schools or should I say all schools had very weird characters. From dining hall champions to bookworms, here are the types of students you can never miss to find in any high school

  1. Dining Hall champions

They are always on time. They can never miss a meal. They are the first ones to get to the dining hall and leave last after mealtime. These types of students will always go back for additional food once everyone is served. Kwani hawashibangi?

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2. The sports lovers

Most of those who love sports are not bright when it comes to books. They will train hard, never miss training, play well during competitions, emerge the best and get crowned the best players (MVP) but they rarely appear on top when it comes to academics. Did you have such people in your school?



3. Nairobians

This could have come first. Every school has these type of students if I’m not wrong. They brag about how they come from the big city and stay in posh estates such as Runda, Lavington, Karen, Kitisuru yet they stay in Kawangware, Kibera, Dandora and Kayole.

They gave us many sleepless nights back in high school. Some would even brag how they have been to Galittos, the Junction (Ngong rd) and even Altona (the famous fish & chips joint in the CBD). How do such people feel now that there is the Two Rivers mall?

Most of these Nairobians felt so special and during the closing day, they would leave early ndio wasiwachwe na bus and leave the rest cleaning before they go home. How do you feel now that everyone you schooled with stays in Nairobi?

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4. Book worms

They made some of us look silly. They would wake up early at 3 am, go to class to study although some scored good grades, others were just doing it for show off. They would top the list from the bottom. These students always spent time in the library reading and you will never find them engaging in curriculum activities.

5. Vimbelembele

They would always ask for homework and remind teachers of something they had even forgotten. I hope walipata kazi ya supervision.


6. Shagz mondoz

These were the lot that took long to understand things. Call them blondes. Hawakuwa wanashikanisha vitu! But they were darlings to many as you could pay them; by buying a quarter bread to wash your clothes, copy notes and even fetch water for you. They saved many. Long live shagz mondoz.

7. The music/drama festival members

Hehe! These are the type of students who never raise a hand in class to answer a question but when it comes to the music festivals, they are number one. Some of them make the best soloists compared to our local musicians.

Wana sauti kama ya ninga. The other advantage they have over their fellow classmates is that they can twerk and pull some traditional dances when it comes to music/drama festivals.

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