Kristoff has been in the Kenyan music industry for quite some time, and still, there are Kenyans who are not feeling his vibe no matter how hard he tries. Are they haters or just concerned Kenyans?

Even though the rapper, who’s also known as Mluyah Wa Busia, has been striving to put out some good stuff for the past three years, there are those who feel that the rapper still has a lot to do as far as the content of his music is concerned.

Rapper Kristoff Thrown Out By Bouncers After Causing Fracas At An Event

Trap music is a product of the new generation of hip-hop music production. It has become very popular around the world, and various artistes are trying it out. In countries like South Africa, Nigeria and Ghana, the public is already familiar with the style which originated from the black American community.Kristoff_Kenya

Being the hottest style right now, rapper Kristoff decided to put something out with the trap beats but no one’s feeling it – Well, I am and maybe some other people out there. Listen to the track below, check out the comments by Kenyans On Twitter and let me know if you agree with them.

Kenyan rapper King Kaka has also been attacked in the past when he released his track titled Ugali, which some described as the most stupid song in Kenya. Have you heard it? (Read post below)

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