Bahati family

Diana Marua and her husband Bahati had an altercation again after she shaved his dreadlocks while he was sleeping.

This didn’t go well with the singer and the following morning [after his hair was cut previous night] he woke and left the house without even informing his wife.

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While narrating the situation with her hubby on yesterday’s Bahati Reality, Diana said;

 I woke up in the morning only to find myself alone in bed. I’m used to Bahati waking me up by caressing me every morning. I knew he was mad because I had shaved his hair. it’s not something I can be proud of, I’m actually very guilty of what I did.

Bahati Diana Marua

The heavily pregnant mother then went to the kitchen to prepare breakfast and when she asked her house help if she had seen Bahati, she told her that he had left two hours ago.

Sasa hii breakfast nimetengenezea nani?’ Diana asked herself.

She continued;

I thought he was around. Did he tell you anything when he was leaving? she asked her househelp.

The angry Diana tried to call her sister Val for advice but she made things worse. While on call Diana told her sister that,

Sijui nimeblunder ama nimefanya nini. I don’t know what’s happening in our lives. Yesterday night I shaved Bahati’s dreadlocks and we went to bed, not in good terms.

Val was quick to respond, saying

Hizo ni nini alikuwa ameeka? Did you shave all of them? 

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The pregnant mother, who felt guilty told her sister she thought she could have sat him down and tell him to shave in a good way not what she did.

Bahati Diana Marua

Val responded,

Hakuna kitu ya kumuongelesha. Pia wewe unafaa kumkalia [Bahati]. Si yeye anakukalianga mara usiende Italy, mara usifanye nini.. pia yeye anafaa kukaliwa. kidogo (Don’t bother calming him down, you need to dominated this fight, they way he does with you. Wasn’t he the one who told you that you couldn’t go to Italy? Don’t back down).

Bahati’s wife wasn’t happy with her sister’s advice and hang up on her.

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