She is beautiful and talented. She is living proof that acting pays. She is also among the women who have come to disapprove the notion that comedy is a “forte” for men. This description is of none other than Papa Shirandula’s actress Jacky Vike popularly known as Awinja.

She is among the best actors around and if you happen to watch the popular; local production Papa Shirandula on Citizen TV, you will agree to that. Awinja, who acts as a village girl and househelp to Papa Shirandula’s family, is the girl who leaves you in stitches whenever she graces your screen. Awinja is among the few hardworking female celebrities around, and her lifestyle tells so.

From Grace Msalame To Papa Shirandula’s Awinja, These Are The Celebs That Kenyan Men Salivate Over (PHOTOS)

Whereas her counterparts are struggling to make ends meet, Awinja is lucky. From working with top corporates to media houses, the witty comedian is swimming in riches. Over the weekend, Awinja was in Mombasa where she spent her Labour Day holiday and as usual, she did not forget to turn heads. She dressed in a long white dress exposing her sexy figure that left Kenyan men drooling and even went ahead to comment on the photo.

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