The Bahatis

Diana Marua was over the weekend breathing fire at her celebrity husband Bahati over what she terms were ‘behaviours’ akin to those of a slay queen.

Diana and Bahati were set to go visit Denno who is famously known for the gospel song ‘Mbona’ and Diana could not understand why Bahati was taking his sweet time getting read.

‘Babe, surely si uwache kuvaa polepole kaa dame. Mimi na wewe nani anafaa kuharakisha mwingine? [Babe, surely please hurry up. You are taking your sweet time like a girl. Between you and me, who is supposed to be ready first?]

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Diana Marua

Bahati was understanding enough and did not catch feelings. He was however not impressed that Diana kept insisting that they had to go shopping.

I cannot be any one’s visitor if I have no shopping?If someone has agreed for you to visit them it means that they are prepared  for you to go and eat.

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Bahati and Diana

Where I come from we go to peoples house just to eat and when they come to my house watakula so I don’t understand the fuss.

As they say, women always win and Diana had her way as Bahati eventually did the shopping, Diana could not understand how you can just go to someone’s house to eat.

Lesson learnt, never argue with a pregnant woman.

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