Campus life

A campus is a place where many turn into hardcores, learn to survive on their own be after tasting the hard knock life

Kenyan university students have taken to social media to narrate the struggles they go through in campus on a daily basis.

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They’ve shared their experiences under the hashtag #UntoldCampusStruggles. Below are the reactions;

Opar Campus life is very depressing. You’re constantly broke and wanna give up. Mostly tired and don’t wanna attend classes. But still have to keep up the struggle since your parents have high expectations on you 😫.

Slim Jim Boy child campus analala mpaka 11a.m ndio askip breakfast. Anawatch series mpaka 5pm. Then anapika Lunch na Supper Combined (lunsup) #UntoldCampusStruggles.

Rahab Wambui Imagine waking up at 6 to attend a lecture at 7, at the gate the Biometrics cannot let you in because you have not cleared your fee balance. And with a broken heart you go back to your house and there comes depression…

Bramwel Bracta Chapati! Chapati! Chapati! Chapati for breakfast. Tatu pojo for lunch. Mbili beans for supper. Every meal inclusive of snacks that you take must have Chapati 😂😂😂.

Benson Munyao I think being in TUK, just being there, is already an untold campus struggle. Who can relate 😂😂😭😭

Bravin Imagine Spending 4 years in the University, paying all that school fees then when done, the course is canceled! The government should be refunding, Compensating these students for the struggle they went through and time wasted. It’s pathetic! 🤔#UntoldCampusStruggles

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John Karugia University days struggles: – Supporting family with HELB – Sharing tiny rooms with others – Living on very small budgets – Realizing a lecturer wants a sexual favour so that you pass an exam. Campus closes due to strike you did not participate in – Goons #UntoldCampusStruggles

Qalebo Dryspell is no joke😂😂#UntoldCampusStruggles

Sammy Moh At times you will realize those who don’t attends lecturers always scores A’s & B’s while the frequently class attendance gets supplementary…! #UntoldCampusStruggles

Victor Keybate The society around the campus deems students as hoes and malayas, purporting that the students are full of Aids and fail to notice they’re just f****g illiterate and that’s why they are where they are, struggling #UntoldCampusStruggles

Kings The life at Campus isn’t as seamless as many think. It’s not always fun, many engage in fun-like activities to escape depression and stress. Share your thoughts and experiences with KOT. #UntoldCampusStruggles

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GrapherKid I am yet to give up.. The struggle is real in campus.. You wonder why most of us end up selling drugs and engaging in criminal activities? Nobody cares about what you go through. We’re used to the phrase “ALL WILL BE WELL”

Kariuki Maina #UntoldCampusStruggles pale Maseno University..had to sleep in the TV room one night with the soldier I was out of pirating siku soldier akakua brathe

Memphis D All they ask you out there is whether you are still studying back in the campus. No one ever asks about your personal problems. Depression hits!

Enock Bett Campus is tough man! You wake up at 11 AM, pretend to have slept very late, but you know the intention is to save the breakfast cost. You see someone waiting patiently around the Catering Mess. You think he’s waiting for a friend, kumbe he’s starving.

Victor Keybate A lecturer comes in class and skips a topic and follows with a statement that you learnt this in high school, someone tell lecturers immediately we are through high we format everything.

Michael Wainaina You’d see comrades with backpacks and think ni laptops, kumbe ni mahindi wanaenda poshomill #UntoldCampusStruggles

Joy Kimaiyo A lot of students are doing courses because ” degree is a degree” you so sure that is not your future but you are still doing it just because you will be doomed if you’re not called a uni student get up and create your own opportunity campus is overrated #UntoldCampusStruggles

Wambui using a kaduda in campus my friend, utachekwa kila mahali… you gotta switch it off before you get to the public. without an Android its like campus is not for you. Watu kama mimi wenye kaduda is the way to go, a big heart is a must!

Kwale Gunner Sometimes, occurrences like the leaked sex clips, excess partying, thug life and others may seem like all fun, guys, some kids would do all this to avoid some of the #UntoldCampusStruggles which may lead to depression in the long run.