Wakanai and Maina Kageni

Controversial Classic 105 fan Wakanai has asked Maina Kageni to retire from radio as he is now ‘old’ adding that he should give the youth a chance.

Wakanai was speaking in regards to the recent appointment of former Othaya MP Mary Wambui into a government position.

‘You have been on radio for 15 years get off radio and let other people come in.

Let me ask you if Quarcoo was to sack you today would you go back to Kandara, Muranga?’

Do you think any one would remember you?’

Wakanai and Maina Kageni

Wakanai went on to threaten Maina adding that he was coming to look for a job and that,

‘I am coming to Radio Africa without a CV so you better find me a desk.’

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Wakanai also went on to blast Kenyan women for always mistreating their men when they are undergoing financial challenges.

‘They (women) don’t have shame they just go and discuss you with their friends.

Never ever listen to women because all they want is when you have cash when you go broke all they do is dump you.’

Do you think it’s time Maina Kageni left his job for someone else?

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