There has been a lot of talk about whether or not weed aka Marijuana is good for someone’s health and researchers have come out with interesting facts about it.

First, it was revealed that weed/bhang can help in curing cancer, by killing the cancer cells and also shrinking brain tumors, thus it can be used for the treatment of such.

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Now, another very interesting use of the plant has been revealed and you won’t believe what women in America are doing with the drug.

In a recent report, it was revealed that women in America are inserting cannabis filled suppositories into their vaginas in a quest to relieve period pain.

Yes, forget ibuprofen medication or hot water bottles to help banish those period pains. According to Huffington Post, the tampon-like products, called Foria Relief, are made from cocoa butter with 240mg of added tetrahydrocannabinol (known as THC)and 40mg of cannabidiol (CBD).

The pain relief suppositories – a drug delivery system that is inserted into the vagina where it dissolves or melts and is absorbed into the bloodstream – cost roughly $44 (KSH.4,500) for a box of four and are currently only available in American states where marijuana is legal, such as California and Colorado.

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So how does it work? So, women are encouraged to lie on their backs with a pillow under the bottom. They then insert the suppository into the vagina and the cannabinoids get to work, soothing the nerve endings of the uterus, cervix and muscle tissue.

So, is it really true that this weed is working to reduce period pains?

On whether sticking the weed up the lady parts really works, one of the American users shared her experience and wrote about it’s effectiveness.

Mish Way said that within 20 minutes of inserting the product into her vagina, her cramps had “totally disappeared”.

But now, for Kenyan women who are suffering period pain, it may be a while before weed suppositories are available here, since weed is illegal in the country. But let’s wait and see.

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