Sex after pregnancy – you’ll find things have changed. Giving birth is almost like a small explosion around a woman’s sexual organs. They need time to heal. And with the woman’s hormonal levels gone crazy, her libido may change, too.

UKWELI WA MAMBO! Top Five Facts About Sex During Pregnancy

1. Healing time
During birth, a woman’s vagina and perineum can get injured or even surgically cut (an episiotomy). For the new mother, this may cause some discomfort or even severe pain when having sex. There may also be other reasons why you don’t want to have sex yet. Some women experience so-called post-partum depression after giving birth. The changing hormonal levels are like a roller-coaster ride for your body and may leave you feeling sad and depressed. That can have an impact on your sexual desire. Or you are just tired and burned out.

Some doctors advise a sex-free period of four to six weeks after giving birth. But don’t take this as a magic number! You may feel ready earlier. Or not ready at all! Whatever the reasons may be: don’t push it, give yourself and your body the time you need!