Joseph Irungu aka Jowie
Joseph Irungu aka Jowie

It has been revealed that Jowie, Jacque Maribe’s fiance Jowie was walking around with a concealed weapon.

Numerous media reports claim that Jowie – real name Joseph Irungu – was a trained security expert and had worked in the same field in Afghanistan.

His love for guns also birthed his love for other weapons that can easily be concealed.

There is one accessory that Jowie walked around with that looked harmless enough but was a deadly weapon.

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A para claw.

Para Claw
Para claw

This deadly accessory goes for a less than a mere Ksh 200. It is worn on the wrist.

It is marketed to weapon enthusiasts as a “tool that can be accessed, even in the middle of a violent struggle”.

One website reviews the para claw as an accessory that solves the problem of “carrying a weapon for personal defense”.

The review adds;

Regardless of the situation, the Para-Claw can always be accessed, even if you find yourself grabbed, choked, or in some other disadvantaged position.

The specs of the Para-Claw read: “It is a 1.5 inch hawkbill blade ground from stainless steel. The blade is integrally molded to a glass/nylon guard that ties into the bracelet. Handle grooves and jimping on the thumb ramp ensure a positive grip at all times. The patent pending sheath system locks the knife securely for immediate deployment in any situation.’

It continues;

 Once deployed, the paracord bracelet forms the knife handle. Each bracelet is hand-tied from paracord and is available in three sizes and colors, each with an adjustable loop to fine tune the fit plus a steel T-post for easy attachment.

Jowie has been walking around with this cleverly concealed weapon, he even had it on during the much publicised proposal party where he asked Jaque Maribe to be his wife.

Jacque Maribe and Friends
Jacque Maribe and Friends with Joe Irungu

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He is also spotted with the same Paracord holding the Para Claw in a very secure venue, the Citizen TV studios.

Since he is a party animal, Jowie is also spotted wearing the paracord in various venues like Jiweke Tavern. But when he was arrested, Kenyans noticed that his paracord was missing.

Check out photos of Jowie with the paracord on various other occasions.

Jowie Irungu Jowie Irungu Jowie Irungu

Jowie Irungu

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Jowie Irungu Jowie Irungu Jowie Irungu