Vivian Wambui

Singer Vivian his the latest celebrity to be body-shamed online.

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Vivan shared a photo wearing a pair of red pants and top. According to some of her followers, she looked uncomfortable in the outfit.


The reactions include;

PoetKeya Msafiri John Hii mwili tuirudishe penye ilikuwa sister… I fear

jackiekenddy Umenona sana

Cyrus Shikanga Heey kwani unaenda vita?

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Kadenge Na Mpira Umeongeza weight siku hizi

Bingwa Brian Kwani hio nguo imeindwa na chuma

One of her followers even pointed out that her hairstyle had overstayed, asking her to change it.

Unbothered Keshi Njogu: Toa nywele sasa imekaa.

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