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A young single mother of one is spending nights in the cold after she was dumped by her boyfriend. The lass, identified as Juliet on Facebook, has left many sympathizing with her after she narrated how a man she had hope in left her because she has a child with another man.

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According to Juliet, she has been dating James for quite a while but he recently ended the relationship. below is a snippet of their conversation:

James: Juliet I can’t really continue with you. I’m so sorry, I told you that yesterday.

Juliet: You’re giving me weak reasons. Are you dumping me because of Mark?

James: Yes. That is the truth. I can’t continue with a woman having a kid.

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The single mother is heartbroken and she went ahead to share an emotional message.

” I’m so hurt and I feel like dying now. People nowadays have no hearts. He dropped me because of my son Mark.

Can’t I really get a trustworthy loving man to be there for me? Men have played me left and right, am I cursed?” she wrote. 

Here are the screenshots


Single mother rants about lover who neglected her

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Single mother rants about lover who neglected her