Kate Actress

Catherine Kamau aka Kate Actress and her best friend Faith Nyagah are giving tips on how to move on as a single mum.

Both of them have been single mums at some point in their lives.

“Once you find yourself there, accept. It will help you heal. From there, it is going to be easy to take the next step”

“Up to this date there are still women who keep their children a secret because they have not accepted the situation,” said Faith


“The reason why our girls will choose to abort is because they don’t want to face the stigma. Regradless of what people say, it will not change.”

The actress

Kate Actress went on to say that she would introduce herself as a mother when she got back into the dating scene

“Whether you made the wrong decision or not, the baby is here. People might think huyu ni malaya kwa sababu alipata mtoi akiwa mdogo.”

“Sometimes, you meet a nice person. There is this time i got a job and it had really boujee guys. I told them my name and that I am a mum and they were shocked. The girls we were with could not understand why i introduced myself like that and that was part of my identity. Sasa nitawaficha mpaka lini?”

Other guys think they date you to do you a favour, kuna mtu aliniuliza unanikataa unadhani utaolewa na nani?

They said this on Kate Actress’ YouTube channel.

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