Tanasha Diamond

Wololo! Tanasha Donna has left many speculating that her relationship with Diamond Platnumz is on the rocks.

This is after the mother of one deleted all photos she took with the Tanzanian singer among them the ones from their son’s baby shower, only leaving those from their music collabo.

Tanasha donna

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In a series of posts, Tanasha revealed that all wasn’t well but indirectly.

If your character ain’t right, you ain’t got it figured out and still got a long way to go. You might think that you’re smart cause things are moving, but its only for the short run. To play it in the long run, it has to start from within. It starts with your CHARACTER. CHARACTER develops HABITS. Then HABITS create long-term SUCCESS. “Yes men” ain’t the type of people to be around. The more they massage your ego, the more blind you become to attaining WISDOM. Protect your soul,’ read on of her posts.

Tanasha Donna

In another post, she added,

God removes people in your life because he heard conversations you didn’t hear and saw things you didn’t see….. 👑.

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Fans have reacted to Tanasha and Diamond’s ‘break up’ and below are the comments from social media users.

wemalulu Tulikuambia Diamond sio mtu ukasema tunaona gere😂😂😂😂 ona sasa kufuta picha zake na kumu unfollow Yuda wetu🙄 ….hii familia sio ya mchezo ukijifanya unacheza nayo itakutoa ini la roho ukiwa unaona.

stunner_10 Bora hata umeachwaa sijui saa hizi nani anakuonea gere.

offic97 It’s your time to come back to Kenya.

aggy333 Lakini tulikwambia watandale tuachie wenyewe.

ireneakyio Nimefrahi umeachika.

hassanthesoft Mbona Diamond kakuacha si tulikuambia lakini umeona sasa.

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