Huddah Monroe has blasted Ali Kiba and Diamond for their needless and constant beef. Diamond instigated this music industry beef after he released a song dubbed Fresh which he referred to Ali as Cinderella.

Ali later replied on Tweeter.

This has pissed Huddah as she described it as ‘Umama’ which should be left for the city women.

She told a Tanzanian site:

“If they come together, they can do so much together…Why would you make music kutukana mwenzako hiyo ni kama kukua na umama. Achia hayo mambo wanawake not men to men. Hizo ni mambo za kiwanawake.”

She went on to give her two cents:

“Wakenya wanapenda sana Ali Kiba, but I dont think Diamond’s music is bad and he is a businessman.They should settle their beef. and then people should not TAKE sides. Love all of them for whom they are. I don’t support or beef with anybody, personally i don’t have beef with anyone. I love life so much.”

Huddah is currently in Dar Es Salaam to promote her cosmetic business.

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