Shocked man
Shocked man

Dear women, if you visit his SQ – servants quater – in Umoja please make sure you are at your best behaviour.

Do not eat a lot, demand for things he can’t afford, talk to neighbours and even unleash the devil in you during sex. Uma pillow prissss.

If you are receiving the msolokombo, don’t scream as if you’re are a mourner for hire. Moan like a normal human being who is enjoying. No one wants to dance to your tunes…

“Nilikamua Usiku Mzima After Buying Her 3 Guaranas,’ Kenyan Man Brags After Steamy Lungula

An embarrassed Kenyan man has left social media users in stitches after screenshots of conversations between him and his girlfriend surfaced. It starts with the woman asking the man why he has been silent since their last meeting and his response will leave you rolling on the floor.

“Yaaani tangu Sunday hubongi,” read the lady’s text.

Here is the man’s response

“Was soo pissed off with you even if you were a virgin upige nduru ploti hivo na ni kidole tu pekee naeka?”

Here are the screenshots


Kenyan Man


Kenyan Man

Leaked Intimate WhatsApp Conversation Of Kenyan Man Who Had Wild Sex With His Aunt Surfaces (EXPLICIT CONTENT)