Annitah Ghetto Radio

They say pride comes before a fall, and I agree with that. It doesn’t cost anything to be humble, whether rich or poor, learn to relate well with everyone. I’m saying this because of the story I’m just about to write.

Kenyan promoters, radio presenters and TV producers have of late been accused of killing local talent, and to some extent, that’s true. Most of them play music based on their close relationships with artistes, and some are even forced to cough a certain amount of money, or else their music doesn’t see the light. Who is going to support our own if corruption, tribalism and favourism are still the core business in the music industry?

Well, a popular local rapper, G.rongi Matigari, has come out to spill the beans on this issue, accusing former Ghetto Radio presenter Annitah Ma’Dre Raey of looking down upon him and ‘killing’ his talent. Matigari took to social media to ‘attack’ the current Milele Breakfast host.

‘I don’t give a fuck ukiwa ghetto radio ilikua una behave ka God so akina kiyu ime change nika kutolewa kondele uperekwe shimo la tewa zote ni jela kunguni zote zina share same family tree keep up the good work of killing Kenyan talent music yangu iko APA milele’

Here is the full conversation:



For those who don’t know Annitah: