I was bound to talk about this sooner rather than later. A first date is very important to any man wooing a lady that he has been chasing for the longest time ever.

On this first date, it’s the only chance that he has to prove to her that he is worth a second date and if things go well, she can actually take it to the next step.. and no, it’s not sex, I mean dating.

As a lady, I have been on several dates and some of the things men have done on these first dates left a lasting memory in my head.

But as they say, better trying and failing than never trying at all. At least I gave him the chance to prove his worth. So now, let’s take a look at some of the things Kenyan men do wrong when it comes to a first date.

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1. Expecting A Kiss After The Date
Okay, gents, I know many of you will not agree with this point, but I think it’s valid. A first date does not mean that you guys are now official, or things are now supposed to go to the next stage. Nop! A kiss is a big deal for a girl when it’s just the first date, because we like to play hard to get, plus we have to keep you anticipating for the next date. Plus it’s only the first date, at least try that the second time, that’s if she will call you back.

2. Checking Out Other Women
This right here is more than annoying, it’s irritating! This woman you like turned out for the date and gave you ample time, then you go ahead and stare at another woman passing by or sitting at the next table or watching a skimpy dress bending over to adjust her shoes! Others are even shameless enough to stare at butts or a cleavage, which is such a turn off for your date. You would be so lucky to get another date with her after doing this…because it makes you look like a member of ‘Team Mafisi’.


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3. Spending Half The Time On Your Phone
We have all gone through this, not only for dudes, but even ladies have this tendency. There is nothing as bad as making someone feel like they are not interesting yet you are the one who invited them for dinner. The best way to avoid your smartphone from distracting you, it either has to be on silent or on voicemail, at least you will give her undivided attention and she will tell her friends how you are a good listener! And that’s definitely are a score!

4. Making Vulgar Jokes
My dear men, on the first date, keep your crude and ratchet jokes away from your conversation. On the first date, we want it to be just light jokes, get to know her sensibility, what she likes or doesn’t like and even establish if she is the right target for your jokes about Mugo wa Wairimu or other poor taste jokes. First, get to know what she’s all about and her personality.


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5. Talking About Your Ex-Girlfriend
I had to include this point for the sissy who had to be reminded the most obvious date rule! Your date does not want to know the romantic escapades that you and your ex had on New Years in Diani or hearing your heartbreak story…you ain’t the only one who has been in a relationship! Or unless you also want her to talk about how her ex-boyfriend was well endowed or how much of a freak he was in bed! See…so just keep this ex topic away on your date.

6. Talking About How Much Money You Have
There is nothing that a lady hates than a man who brags how wealthy he is or how he has a ranch in Karen, 6 cars and his new Porsche. If you want to talk about money and everything, Shark Tank will do for you. At times, money is not everything, maybe after she accepts your proposal to date, you can then show her your wealth by treating her well with that money: vacations, Gucci bags etc.


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7. Talking About Football
Yes, we know you’re excited that your team won the previous day and you want to show her how you’re on the winning team, but not on the first day, sir! Most women don’t care much about football and even if she does, that will come up later on as you get to know each other. Just remember that this is not ‘boys night out’ but a special day to finally have a good talk with your crush!

8. Having Bad Manners/ Discourtesy
Imagine when walking through the door of the hotel that you going to for the dinner date and then a man does not hold the door for you, he actually goes in before you and slams the door on your face. Jeez! No courtesy at all. Or chewing with your mouth open, talking while you have food in your mouth, or interrupting her while she is talking.
Being impolite will give you lower chances of future dates or she may even be ashamed of introducing you to her friends or family.


So are this points about the irritating things Kenyan men do on the first date true or not?

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