Kenyan Sponsors vs Mafisi
Kenya is one great nation with wonderful people. Kenyans are just unique in their own way. Our nation is said to be among the best countries and its high time the doubting Thomases believe this and support our motherland. Kenyans are different from the rest of Africans e.g our neighbours, Ugandans who can’t even defend themselves even on Twitter, Tanzanians who are slow in life and Nigerians who cannot match them.
That’s just a brief history on Kenyans. Well, today marks the start of the weekend and I thought you should know these 5 things Kenyans like going on weekends.
1. Binge drinking
If you want to prove that indeed Kenya is a drinking nation, go around the city one of these fine weekends and you will judge for yourself. During weekends, Kenyans turn up like there’s no tomorrow and drink as much as they can. Most of them go on a binge on weekends and afterwards, they cannot even drive hence falling prey to the alcoblow officers.
2. Kufungana
This is the time when ladies are chips fungwad. Whether they are drunk or not, weekends have become a norm for people going for sleepovers because they are less free and who knows what goes on behind the closed doors.
Sex Positions
3. Kukula miraa
Weekends are like Christmas to Kenyans who drink and chew miraa. You will always find them parked next to petrol stations or outside clubs chewing miraa and smoking shisha. This is so common especially amongst men between 28-40 years old.
Elizabeth Irungu Shisha
4. Lungulaing like pornstars
There’s nothing that Kenyans love more than free time. They have turned weekends into sex days and if you think this is a lie, visit a nearby chemist and see how many people line up there to buy emergency pills especially P2.
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5. Draining their bank accounts dry
This is the time Kenyans unleash their ujaluo in them. They will spend thousands on alcohol just to please friends but when ‘they get back to their right senses” (on Monday after indulging in immeasurable pleasure over the weekend), they have nothing left and are forced to forego food as they have no money left on them.
Kenyan Money