MC Kah

A social media bigwig, Peter Karanja, who is never afraid of speaking out his mind, has bashed one of the Ukoo Flani’s founding members MC Kah after he released a new song.

According to Karanja, Kah’s new song titled Mbali Sana is garbage.

The song is about that feeling of longing and missing a place to call home, whether is a place or people we miss, or peaceful state of mind.This is for the Afrikans in the diaspora and for the people who are no longer with us as well as to remind the listeners to appreciate how far they have come so far in their journey of life, to inspire to keep holding on to hope and beautiful memories of where they are from, while keeping the dream of their ideal home alive.

The social media bigwig claims that most of the Ukoo Flani members who relocated to foreign countries are no longer creative.

“It’s like most of UKOO FLAN! guys who relocated to foreign countries left their creativity and brains behind…What a boring song, I couldn’t go past 10 seconds..KAH of Ukoo Flani, go back to studio and do a better song…Acha ufala.”

Karanja’s sentiments were echoed by his supporters and here’s what they had to say;

Michael Khateli:  Iko comparison to…DANDORA L.O.V.E ndani ya Hip Hop city

Denis Ngai: Ngoma ovyo kabisa

Amason Michael: Very true ….hio ngoma iko chini.. Sounds like a upcoming artist

Kirimi: This song is terrible, he should ditch singing kabisa!.

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