Khaligraph Jones

When it comes to his music, Khaligraph Jones doesn’t play and makes sure y’all listen to his songs. Let’s be real. He is a great rapper who has proved that he’s in this industry to win.

Well, he’s come out blazing hot to school DJ Pinye. During an interview, DJ Pinye revealed that back in the day, he didn’t play Khaligraph and DNA’s songs, but their music careers have grown. He went on to say that he can’t play Ethic’s Lamba Lolo and Position, urging DJ’s not to play mediocre music.

Khaligraph went ahead to state that DJ Pinye is lucky he’s now a polite guy, otherwise, he would have released a diss track and his fans would be singing along to the song.

According to DJ Pinye, I used to make mediocre Music so he couldn’t play my mediocre music on his TV show, buda Ukona Bahati siku izi nimekua mpole kiasi na nina ka Heshima flani otherwise diss track ingekua ishatembea sai watu wana sing along mbaya sana , mazishi ni ile ile.

Khaligraph Jones

Khaligraph is a big star now and making money moves in these streets. His music has been well received and he even won an AFRIMMA award not so long ago.

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