Award-winning rapper Khaligraph Jones has bashed Eric Omondi, who taunted him recently, threatening to beat him.

During an Instagram Live session with his fans, the Mazishi hitmaker made fun of Eric’s physique, advising him to go back to the gym.

‘Eric Omondi is not a person who deserves to be mentioned by the OG right now. He was looking buff the other day and now he is back to being skinny. What’s not happenening my friend? Eric you need to go back to the gym ama ni hao mabibi wengi umeoa wanakumaliza hivo hauna Stamina Uko Chini. Respect yourself,’ he said.


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Reactions include;

tripple_stephen 😂sisi watu wakonde musitudharau uku chini sisi ni stima

pokot_niccur Kiki after kiki😂

lushy_puffy 😂😂😂Hio kitu inakuanga na stamina pia …thihihiii😂😂😂

nasra__chiq Alaaaaa ni mbayaa respect the OG

tripple_stephen 😂unono yake imemesaidia aje jinga

essie_nkatha 😂😂😂zii OG speaking abouh Eric omondi’s stamina😂😂😂😂💔

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