Love makes the world go round. If you want to know if you are in love with someone, you just need to listen to music. If it makes absolute sense, then you are in love. The worst part of falling in love, is the falling. Falling in love is painful, falling out of love is even more excruciating.

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It is for that reason that police on Wednesday arrested a man wanted for allegedly fabricating criminal charges against his former lover after she ended the six-month love affair.

Ibrahim Ndirangu is said to have filed false charges against Rose Wanjiru Kogu. Detectives who have been trailing him for months arrested him in an apartment in Kasarani.

Poor Rose is a teacher. She is said to have ended the brief love affair in 2002. This marked the beginning of her troubles as she would later spend countless nights in police stations in Kajiado, central Kenya and Nairobi over accusations of theft, robbery, assault and defamation.

According to Nairobi News, Ndirangu had filed four court cases and recorded complaints in over five police stations across the country against his ex-girlfriend, claiming she had defrauded him of Sh165,000.

The Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) however found that the charges were inconsistent and recommended that he be charged with giving false information to a public officer.

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The man recorded statements against the woman at Jogoo Road and Kasarani police stations in Nairobi, Kahuro police station in Murang’a, Namanga police station in Kajiado, and Kiamachimbi police station in Nyeri.

In the statements, he claimed that the woman had failed to deliver a consignment of mitumba clothes despite obtaining a payment of Sh165,000.

Ndirangu is also being probed for allegedly using fake exhibits to try and strengthen the case against the woman.

For instance, on August 3, 2010, he gave police copies of a vehicle logbook, a P3 form and a hand-written agreement to use against Rose. A cross examination however revealed that the copies of the logbook had been forged.

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Rose has been to various courts over the last four years to defend herself against the charges and to convince magistrates that the source of her troubles was ending her love affair with the man.

Top police officers are said to have fallen victim to the man’s schemes after he wrote to the Kenya Police headquarters and the Independent Policing Oversight Authority (IPOA) to complain about police officers who refused to act on arrest warrants.

The arrest warrants were later found to be fake.

“He is in custody and he has very many accusations but we cannot comment on the details,” said Central Regional Police Co-ordinator Larry Kieng

Ndirangu will be arraigned in the Nyeri law courts on Thursday (October 6).

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