Last week social media was on fire.
Veteran politician Cyrus Jirongo was the talk of the town. This was after he was exposed by a local tabloid for allegedly using a form four leaver and dumping her.

According to the story, the 21-year-old girl texted Jirongo asking him to pay her university fees which he agreed to but all did not end well after he ‘nyanduad’ her and failed to honour his promise.

“Nimeze P2?” Form 4 Leaver Asks Jirongo After Nyanduaring Her Raw…

We all know that every Kenyan woman wants to live a good life like that of Vera Sidika and Huddah Monroe but do not use shortcuts. Work hard for your money. Even if it’s by farming, we will be proud of you.

But if you want to use the shortcut, be ready for the consequences.

Anyway, here are the six lessons Kenyan women can learn from the woman who was allegedly used and dumped by Jirongo

  1. A man belongs to you when you are together once he leaves he belongs to the community

Dear Kenyan women, get this right, he is only yours when you are together but once he leaves he becomes public property. In short, I mean mali ya jamii. Always make use of him whenever you are together. Also, don’t catch feelings if you call him and another woman who isn’t the wife receives the call, kuwa mpole.

Utasugua Kitambi Mpaka Lini? Here Is How To Tell That Your Sponsor Is A Fossil

2. What happens between you two remains a secret

In case you are dating a sponsor, fossil, ancestor or anyone old enough to be your father or your grandfather, please let it be a secret. The lady who exposed Jirongo is now the laughing stock of the town after she let the cat out of the bag.


3. Sleeping with a married man is the greatest mistake you can ever make

First of all, you should know that he has a wife and he will always go back to her no matter what. Always be ready for anything. He’ll dump you once he tastes the cookie.

4. Never trust a politician

Dear Kenyan women, never trust a politician. Most of them will tell you lies. He will promise you heaven but will never fulfil any of the promises. He will keep on lying for the time you’re cohabiting and once he’s done with you, he will dump you for another woman.

5. Only agree to sex when money has been paid upfront in your account

Dear women, if you are addicted to sponsors or you’re a call girl, always demand payment before action. Let him deposit money in your account, give you cash or MPESA you so that you can send the money to Mshwari and lock it so that in case he changes his mind you will laugh all the way to the bank.


6. Sponsors come with expiry dates

Make use of him if you have one. He can’t be there for so long unless your nunu is gold. Always remember its just your turn don’t think he is yours.